Amy Van Linge

August 30


Amy's Talk: Real, Raw and Radiant

Let's talk about how our authenticity is God expressing.

Our Sunday Service will take place on Facebook LIVE.  Go to Brentwood Inspired Living Center on Facebook at 10:00 a.m. to watch.

Amy Van Linge is the Spiritual Director of Brentwood Inspired Living Center. She has a great love for working with individuals and participating in the unfoldment of positive life transformation. Amy has a passion for understanding human behavior, sharing tools, tips and tricks for positive thinking and peaceful living.

Amy is a mother of four who has pioneered, led and participated in a wide array of missions.  Her education and professional experience spans over 20 years of working in various fields including education, personal development, spiritual exploration and health & wellness. She is a life coach, a parenting mentor, inspiration speaker and one who makes it her daily mission to continually energize and expand love in the universe!


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