Verona Garland Sept 2019.jpg

Rev. Verona Garland

July 3

In Person

Verona's Talk: Aha! There You Are!

Does your daily existence feel drab, dull, or dreary? Are you going through the motions to no avail? Where is the pizzazz of it all?  Open to your inner detective, and let’s discover together! "I'll Take It!"

Antioch Community Center
West Island Room
4703 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA​

(across from Deer Valley HS)

Verona's Workshop: Rooting Out Awe

Is awe a given? Does it have a shelf life or expiration date in our lives? Can we embrace and embody this God quality from within? Come rsvp to Spirit’s invitation and discern the bounteous blessings as You!

Verona Garland is a Discovery Scout, Prosperity Mentor, Freedom Coach, and Interfaith Minister. She serves as the Assistant Minister of Agape Bay Area in Oakland, Ca. 


Verona’s ministry expressions include global pilgrimages, inspirational speaking, spiritual counseling, curriculum writing, and Visioning facilitation in exhilaration and the joyous embrace of Oneness.