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Rev. Verona Garland

May 7

In Person

Antioch Community Center
West Island Room
4703 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA​

(across from Deer Valley HS)

Verona's Talk: Amplifying Freedom Full out

Feeling stuck, impinged, or generally confounded? Let’s delve deep into a much overlooked practice together!


Verona's Workshop: Gliding Into Goodness

We can return to our Teoteric selves if we are willing, open , and available! Ready to give it a go?

Verona Garland is a Prosperity Mentor, Certified Freedom Life Coach, Interfaith, and Centers for Spiritual Living Minister. She serves as the Assistant Minister of Agape Bay Area, a Center for Awakened Living, in Oakland, CA.


Verona’s ministry expressions include global pilgrimages, inspirational speaking, spiritual counseling, teaching and curriculum writing, life rituals, and visioning facilitation in  the exhilarating joyousness of Oneness!


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