Christopher Brown

December 11
Facebook Live

Christopher's Talk: The Sacred Yes

It’s easy to say yes to life when life is appearing like a sunny day at Disneyland. But just like the weather, life can throw us a curve ball and show up as a  really stormy sea.


Is it possible to say yes in the midst of horrible weather be willing to ride out the storm to the very end? Could there be a benefit in facing the storm head-on?


Join us on Sunday as we explore exactly what it takes to surrender and embrace life as it is, in all its disturbing disguises.

Christopher's Workshop: The Sacred Yes

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/95618812412?pwd=cTdxN0R1WER1dHdwVmYwSzZxTllPZz09

The workshop to include the following topics.

  1. What is the sacred yes?

  2. Is surrender giving up, or consciously laying down the sword?

  3. Why do you demand life to show up a certain way? Control?

  4. How to stop fighting with life and lay down the sword. 

  5. What is truly important and what do you truly want? 

Christopher Brown knows that we are all independent researchers trying to figure out the mysteries of life.  His research has taught him, to reject any wisdom that does not know how to cry, any philosophy which does not know laughter, and any greatness which is not humbled by the joy of children. 


So the best we can do is to hold each other‘s hand as we walk through the mysteries of life together.