Lysa Allman-Baldwin

July 5

On Facebook LIVE

Lysa's Talk: Your Childhood, Extreme Makeover Edition: 

Reframing our old stories to chart a new conscious path for the future


When it comes to our childhood, whether we say it was “good” or perhaps “bad,” the interpretations we made about the events and situations during that time have a profound effect and play an integral role in how we navigate through life as adults.  As such, the subconscious beliefs through which we filter all of our life experiences sometimes operate us from the shadows, instead of us operating them.  Join motivational speaker, workshop facilitator author, and travel and feature writer Lysa Allman-Baldwin for “Your Childhood, Extreme Makeover Edition.”  In it she will share how to separate “fact from fiction” to reframe our old stories and chart a new conscious path for the future.

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