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Sheela Mahdavi
July 24
Facebook Live

Sheela's Talk:  Detoxification and Healing Through Food.

Sheela will share her story about how I discovered detoxification and healed herself through food. I will share my philosophies of food, disease, the basics of detoxification and how to begin healing the body.

Sheela's Workshop: Detoxifying Foods, Medicinal Herbs, Parasite Cleansing

In this workshop we’ll take a deeper dive into detoxification and Sheela will cover what foods encourage detoxification and which stagnant the body and perpetuate disease. She will also cover the top medicinal herbs for detoxification, parasite cleansing, and other ailments. As time permits, Sheela will discuss tips for cleansing the body, food and grocery shopping, and other natural methods of healing. We will complete with a Q&A.

Sheela Mahdavi is a nutritionist, detoxification specialist, herbalist, and founder of Food Over Drugs, a food education and herbal supplement company. Sheela has held a passion for educating people about the power of food and how to reverse disease ever since she began healing herself from her own health conditions without the use of medication. In 2013, she began hosting educational workshops and seminars around Southern California while slowly formulating her own natural alternatives to medications using herbal medicine. By 2019, the demand for her formulas caused her company, Food Over Drugs, to officially launch. Today, her formulas have reached over 20 countries around the world and with nearly half a million followers on TikTok, Sheela continues to educate the world about the power of food and how it can be used to heal the body.