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Karen Drucker
October 22
Facebook Live

Karen's Talk: Trips, Treats & Thrilling Adventures

When a friend of mine turned 65 she decided to make the whole year about stretching herself with Trips that she always wanted to take ( but thought she couldn’t afford) , Treats that she wanted to give herself ( but thought she was being self-indulgent) and Thrilling Adventures (something that would feel like a stretch). When she told me this story I decided I wanted to do the same and create a year of more love, joy, and perhaps some thrilling adventures. 

This whole process made me look at where I stop myself, all of my ‘Yes- butts”, and what was no longer serving me. In my talk I will share songs and stories about how we all can have a life of Trips, Treats and Thrilling Adventures!  

Karen's Workshop: A Deeper Dive into Trips, Treats & Thrilling Adventures

11:30 - 12:30 on Zoom:

​Suggested Love Offering: $10 - $25 via Zelle, Paypal or check. See for details.

Karen’s message is all about healing and love – whether singing one of her positive message songs or sharing stories that are funny, inspiring, and heart opening. She is a keynote speaker, women’s retreat facilitator, and entertainer who has recorded 20 CDs of her inspirational music. Karen is also the author of the best selling book “Let Go of the Shore - Songs & Stories To Set The Spirit Free.” Her chants and songs are used around the world and often help people deal with illness and loss, or help them fill the need to feel more centered for the day.


Karen’s intention is to make a difference by using her music to open hearts and share a message of hope, acceptance, and love.

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