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Faith Rivera

July 31
Facebook Live

Faith's Talk: Awaken to Awe

Faith Rivera is an Emmy-winning Singer/Songwriter and well-known Conscious Music Artist. Her music’s been on Hawaii Five-0 to ER and with speakers like Marianne Williamson to Michael Beckwith.  From childhood to her early career, she experienced ongoing fear on stage. Through spiritual practice, Faith found a way to transform this fright to fun, exhilaration & empowerment for others around the world.  In her first performance with the “Everyday Superstars,” (brave fans who performed with her on stage), she explained to the audience that they were not pros, but normal folks who were about to face their biggest fears & live their greatest dream.  The inspiration of their performance was infectious, powerful & life-changing even for the audience!  So from that moment on, Faith knew she had to continue sharing her story & encouraging others to sing their song, dance their dance and shine their light!