We are living in a time of tremendous transformation and so it’s no surprise that opportunities to grow have emerged for our beloved community.

What is Our Expansion Project?

Feel into expansion and infinite possibilities. Do we know what this physically looks like right now? We do not. However, we can tune into what expansion of our purpose, vision and mission feels like. 

As we remain in this field of unlimited possibilities, we come together to envision co-creating a perfect space to purchase or rent where we can realize our full potential as a community and attract those who are vibrationally drawn in consciousness. 

As we are transforming, we will continue our online offering just as we have been via Zoom to Facebook Live every Sunday morning for our regular program and our small groups will also continue to be offered during the week via Zoom.

As we embrace transformation individually and as a community, and in anticipation of positive, exponential growth we invite you to hold open heartspace and align with us to energize our exciting Expansion Project and fulfill our potential for infinite possibilities as an

authentic community. 

We will apprise you of any developments with

Our Expansion Project as they unfold.


With Love and Gratitude,

The Brentwood Inspired Living Center

Spiritual Director and Board of Trustees

January 2021

** Update October 2021**

We are thrilled to announce our expansion plans to transition back into a physical space as we embark on 2022! As we make this transition, gathering together in person on the first Sunday of each month and the third Saturday (concert), we will continue to expand online during the remaining Sundays each month. We are excited about this "hybrid" model for Brentwood Inspired Living Center and are so grateful to be co-creating new and exciting ways to share our love, compassion and inspiration with the world. 

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Energize Our Expansion Project!

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