Affirmative Prayer

Bettie is a certified prayer chaplain and is the leader of our Angel healing team. Bettie offers affirmative prayer for those who request prayer.

Affirmative prayer is a positive, life-affirming approach to prayer. We know that what often appears as a problem or setback are actually opportunities for healing and personal growth. 

Please email our center with your prayer request and Bettie will add it to our weekly prayer list. 


Spiritual Support Counselor

My spiritual growth has unfolded throughout my life. I began as a child in a conservative Baptist Church, then moved through the Presbyterian and Methodist church. I questioned the dogma, yet, grew in my spirituality along the way. When I first entered a Unity church in 2003, I started to fly, I was home. From there, I have taken the Prayer Leaders class in two Unity churches. 

I became a Reiki practicioner, progressed through the highest classes, which is Karuna III. Reiki is a hands-on energy healing and is a passion for me. I feel Reiki is Love flowing through the giver. 

I spent 25 years as a Marriage Family Therapist. This skill and gift paired with Reiki is very useful in my spiritual service to others. 

I hold after service sessions on Sunday morning in the prayer room.

My idea for the after-service session is to send Reiki as we conduct prayer or simply talk. We will also sit in silence and meditate if we feel led in that direction.

I am grateful to serve our community in this way.

Please email our center and Bonnie will get back to you.



Silent Unity

If you have an immediate prayer request, call Silent Unity at 800-669-7729 (800-NOW-PRAY) to have a trained prayer ministry associate pray with you right now. Silent Unity provides prayer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to people of all faiths from around the world. 

Silent Unity is a worldwide prayer ministry that, for more than 120 years, has been in continuous prayer. Through times of war, peace, depression, and prosperity, the prayer vigil in Silent Unity’s chapel and the brightly shining beacon atop its cupola have continued uninterrupted. 

You can also listen to meditations read aloud in the Silent Unity chapel, relax into guided meditations, and find affirmations on healing, prosperity and inner peace.

Silent Unity

800-669-7729 (800-NOW-PRAY)


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