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JUNE 17, 2023

9 AM PT - 3 PM PT

Welcome to our first annual VIRTUAL Spirit Summit-
Authentic Healing from the Inside Out.

Save your virtual seat at the Spirit Summit by expressing your energetic exchange via Paypal, Zelle or USPS. Your all day pass to your  transformational experience is $77.
In the payment notes, please indicate "Spirit Summit."

Participation in individual sessions is an option, $22 per session,
please indicate which sess
ion. (example: 12 pm Beverly B)

Virtual Spirit Summit June 17, 2023
Sessions will be live on Zoom from 9 am - 3 pm PT 

Jumpstart your transformation with an early bird sign up! Purchase the All-Day Pass before May 31st, and receive a complimentary aura reading and $10 discount, making this transformational day only $67!!

What to Expect:

This Spirit Summit is designed to enhance learning and optimize your healing journey through shared wisdom and practical applications.

A sneak peek at the transformational summit:

9:00 AM: Sri Ramana Maharshi on Self Enquiry Meditation with Dr. Dennis Bradford

Pure Being is being-consciousness-bliss (sat-chit-ananda).  Sri Ramana Maharshi calls it the'Self' or 'God.'  One who is established in the Self is an enlightened or realized sage (jnani).  The eternal Self cannot be defined or thought.  Liberation (mukti) is our true nature; it’s not an action but the only real state, which is freedom from thought.  The mind or ego must completely subside for liberation.  There are 3 ways this happens to attain peace, which is our natural state.  What are they?

10:00 AM: Healing through Awareness of Energy with Angel Erica 

Let’s explore your energy through a guided experience inside of your body. This will help you connect to your inner child awarenesses, your energy field and bring in high consciousness to your body. You will leave the session rejuvenated, clear about accessing this space, and connected to your body. Will be accessing the healing on quantum level of healing work for the mind, body, and soul. 

11:00 AM: Nervous System Healing with Rev. Angelika Schafer

Rev. Angelika Schafer will offer several wonderful tips on how to calm our nervous system and change our state of mind at will.  She will guide us in creating something special to use every day and benefit from way beyond the workshop. With a sprinkling of her heartfelt music this time together is meant to help us in our day to day life, to come back to our center, no matter what.

12:00 PM: Sound Healing and Spirit Messages with Beverly B

1:00 PM: Trauma Clearing with Reginah Perlmutter 

Experience fast, instant, permanent Healing through the Miracle of Theta Healing/ Quantum Field Healing Mastery. This relatively new healing technique is one of the most powerful and effective healing systems on the planet today and has brought about truly miraculous healings in scores of people in an often astonishingly rapid fashion. If you have a pendulum, please have it with you. Be sure to drink lots of water.

2:00 PM: Intuitive Readings with Bridget Bertera

All summit sessions will be recorded and emailed to you. 

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Spirit Summit Sessions

Your complimentary aura analysis, gifted for early bird registration before MAY 31, will give you insight to your energetic balance.

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