Brentwood Inspired Living Center is a loving, supportive community that welcomes all people and accepts everyone. We embrace ancient spiritual traditions as well as emerging wisdom.

We are an ever evolving community dedicated to personal and global transformation. Our purpose is to be a safe environment for all people to explore their spiritual path, recognize their oneness with God, and gain inspiration, insight and wisdom to share with the world.

Our movement is progressive, practical and powerful. We honor the many names and paths for the One Spirit that connects us all. Our intention is to Connect with compassion, Grow with purpose, and Expand into greater awareness. 

We establish an atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to feel loved and valued. Our hope is that you will be uplifted and inspired by our music and message.

We invite you to enjoy our lending library and to contact our Spiritual Director our board president with any questions. 

We are so glad you found us and look forward to meeting you!